Kids Yoga

by Stavri Ioannou


Yoga for kids is an experience in which they can explore and learn all in a safe, enjoyable and playful way.
Yoga classes for kids are both structured and made in a way which allows kids to learn in the most fun way possible. All classes are unique to accommodate each child’s age, needs and interests. The main focus of the lesson is for the kids to learn how to control and strengthen their bodies through the different postures of yoga, the vital importance of breath, relaxation and mindfulness.

Some of Yoga's benefits for kids:
- Develop body awareness, flexibility and strength
- Children learn to relax and be in control
- Enhance creativity, cooperation, confidence and coordination
- A better function of the immune system
- Releases tension and stress both physically/mentally
- Increase concentration and focus

Kids Yoga for 3-6yrs old


Storytelling Yoga classes for kids 3-6yrs old mainly consist of interactive storytelling with various subject (e.x emotions, human body, animals, shapes and colors, the world etc.). Through the storytelling kids are practicing the yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques with sounds and movement. During every lesson kids will play fun and creative yogic games relevant with the story which focuses on helping them to increase their focus and develop their coordination. Classes are 45min long.

Groovy Kid's Yoga structural and fun kids yoga classes. Kids are practicing standing, sitting, balancing, back-bending and inverted asanas in a kids friendly way. It consist of fast movements and resting asanas with a focus on the breath. Classes are 45min long.

Kids Hatha Yoga & Mindful Games for 7-9yrs old

Lesson subjects are changing according to kids ages. Kids through yoga asanas, partner exercises and yogic games learn to work together in a non competitive environment. We focus more on improving kids strength, flexibility as well as there creativity and problem solving skill. Classes are challenging and creative at the same time.  Classes include breathing, focus and observations techniques inspired from yoga and mindfulnes. Classes end with relaxation. Classes are 45-60min long.


Kids Hatha Yoga for 9-12yrs old

During a Kids Hatha Yoga Class kids will explore and set up the basic building blocks of a formal Hatha yoga class. Through yoga games kids will learn the proper body alignment for each posture and the importance of the breath through breathing techniques. They will challenge there selves in a safe and team oriented environment. They will also practice relaxation techniques and mindfulness meditation. Classes are 45-60min long.

Kids Hatha & Aerial Yoga for 6-12yrs old

During a Hatha and Aerial Yoga class kids will get all the benefits of a Hatha yoga class including mindful activities, breathing and relaxation. At the same time they will experience the many of aerial yoga. They will practise games and postures with the help of the hammock. They will also experience antigravity effects, learn how to practise in a safe way and experience all the mental, physiological and  physical benefits of being up side down. Classes end with a prober relaxation and or meditation at the end. Classes are 45-60min long.



A personalised lesson tailored to your kids needs. This sessions are mainly recommended for kids with a special condition to help them improve their skills so thereafter will be able to join an open kids yoga class. Private Classes for kids are 45-60min long according to kids age and needs.

Yoga classes

Already scheduled classes divided in age group which are taking place in various locations. Please contact me in advance for all the necessary details. 

Schools, Kindergarten & Summer Schools 
Kids yoga classes at Kindergarten, schools and summer schools. Please contact me for more info.

Events, Parties, Kids Workshops 

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