by Stavri Ioannou


Mindfulness is a word that seams to be everywhere these days. But what does it really means? And who, and, what is really for?


Mindfulness is type of meditation that can help us become aware of what is going on inside and around us at the present moment. It consists of simple observation practises of our breath, emotions, thoughts, sounds sensations and body without judgment.


“Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

Jon Kabat Zinn: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBRS)


Most of the times we are acting in an auto pilot pattern without giving to much attention of what we are actually doing.  Through the practise of mindfulness we try to realise this patterns, how we actually act into specific situations and through this realisation we stop to simply react but we first realise and then we response.



When mindfulness first appears? How does it actually help us? 


Mindfulness meditation has more than 35 years of research. It first appeared in health care in late 70s by Jon Kabat Zinn as a stress reduction practise. From then we have a lot of researches proving that it helps on stress and anxiety reduction, on managing chronic pain and cultivating over-all wellbeing.

In early 90s mindfulness practise has also spread in education for teachers and students from preschool to high school.


Researchers on Adolescents and Children have proven that mindfulness during a young age can help in the following:


  • Better Focus and Concentration which results in better school results

  • Increased Sense of Calm

  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety

  • Improved Impulse Control

  • Increased Self Awareness make kids less affected to bulling

  • Skilful Responses to Difficult Emotions and Situations

  • Increased Empathy and Understanding of Others



What mindfulness classes are and how can help my kid?


Mindfulness classes for kids are structural and playful at the same time. The lessons are based on a series of mindful practices in which kids are able to learn how to observe their own bodies, their breath and how to bring awareness to what is happening inside and around them all in the present moment.


The practises are becoming more understandable in a creative and kids friendly way; through drawing, experiments, games, simple examples from daily life and observation practises.


Kids and Teens who practise mindfulness have happier lives; perform better in school and extra curriculum activities. Are also able to handle hard situations such as stress, bulling, anger and anxiety.



A personalized lesson tailored to your kids needs. This sessions are mainly recommended for kids with a special condition to help them improve their skills so thereafter will be able to join an open kids yoga class. Private Classes for kids are 30-45min long according to kids age and needs.

Monthly Workshops