Stavri Ioannou Yoga


Hatha Yoga:

A slow and static practise, invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Class starts with a gentle warm up of the body. It involves static yoga postures (asanas) with a rest in between, breathing techniques (pranayama) and proper relaxation or meditation at the end. Classes will be focus on becoming more aware of our bodies, mind and breath. We will experience the proper body alignment, the importance of the breath and the ways to relax our bodies and mind. Hatha Yoga helps to build a good physical condition, to calm the mind and reduce stress. Is suitable for all levels.

Flow Hatha Yoga:

A practice which links the postures practised in a Hatha Yoga in flow sequences. It involves moving from one posture to another with the synchronization of the breath and with small rest in between. This class it's like a moving meditation, were one can experience deeper the connection between body movement, breath and calmness of mind. Flow Hatha Yoga it builds strength and strong focus, it also helps to tune natural breath with body movement. Is suitable for all levels.



A personalised lesson tailored to your requirements, from the convenience of your home or my own place. The private sessions are suitable/recommended for people with physical misalignments, health issues (physical and emotional) or intense stress. Also whether you have experience and want to challenge your abilities, or you are a beginner wanting to reach your goals this type of lesson would be ideal for you.

Semi Private / Private Group

This class it can be an open semi private class with up to 4 people on the same level. Or it can be a group of friends who would like to participate together in a class with arranged times and locations of preference. This class will be made according to the group's needs and level.

Yoga classes

Already scheduled classes on different yoga styles which are taking place in various locations. Most of the classes are suitable for all levels but there are specific classes for beginners and intermediates. Contact me in advance for more details!