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Kids Alternatives

Kids/Teens Classes

Playful and structural holistic sessions designed to develop kids physical, emotional and mental skills in a non-competitive environment.
The lessons are a combination of yoga, aerial yoga,mindfulness and pilates. Suitable for kids & teens 3-16yrs old divided in appropriate age groups. The sessions include yoga, pilates, alternative physical exercises, aerial arts, mindfulness, interactive storytelling, games, experiential visual arts, crafts, experiments, circle time and plenty more!


Kids Yoga

Playful & Fun

Lesson subjects are changing according to kids ages. Kids through yoga asanas partner exercises and yogic games learn to work together in a non-competitive environment. We focus more on improving kids' strength, flexibility as well as their creativity and problem-solving skill.
Classes are challenging and creative at the same time. Include relaxation, breathing, focus and observations techniques inspired from yoga and mindfulness.

Kids Aerial Yoga

Fly, Play, Relax

During an Aerial Yoga class kids will get all the benefits of a Hatha yoga class incclass including mindful activities, breathing and relaxation. At the same time they will experience and experience all the mental, physiological and physical benefits of aerial yoga. 
Classes are suitable for kids 6-11yrs old divided in age groups.

Teens Yoga & Aerial

Release, Rebuild, Fly

During an Aerial Yoga class teens will get all the benefits of a terrestrial yoga class including mindful activities, breathing and relaxation. At the same time they will experience the many benefits of aerial yoga. 
Classes are suitable for teens 12-15yrs

Mindfulness for Kids/Teens

Observations Techniques

Mindfulness classes are structural but playful. Are based on a series of mindful practices in which kids/teens learn how to observe their own bodies, breath and how to bring awareness to what is happening inside and around them all in the present moment. Kids/Teens who practise mindfulness have happier lives; perform better in school and extra curriculum activities. Are also able to handle hard situations such as stress, anger and anxiety.

Toddlers Yoga

Let me tell you a story...

This class consists of interactive storytelling with various subject - movement, body parts, animals, shapes and colours. Through the storytelling kids are practicing the yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques with sounds and movement. During every lesson kids will play fun and creative yogic games which focuses on helping them to increase their focus and develop their coordination. 
Classes are 30min.

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